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  • Chadwick D. Beltran Avatar
    Chadwick D. Beltran
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Pixel Film Studios has amazing customer service!! I got stuck with the red screen error when I tried to use the effects I purchased, but their online customer service was able to help me within minutes! 5 out of 5 stars! Would definitely recommend for everyone to purchase from them.

    Montana Flaco Avatar
    Montana Flaco
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I definitely recommend pixel film studios! I had what was a minor issue become a major one for me slowing up business because of the lovely “brush glow” plug not working properly.

    This persisted for a while as I tried to fix it myself by watching YouTube videos and such,... read more

    This persisted for a while as I tried to fix it myself by watching YouTube videos and such, meanwhile what I should’ve done was contacted PFS!! They solved my problem the same day I reached out. I was so discouraged from editing before I fixed the plugin... but now that I’ve gotten the right help, I’m back in action! Thank you pixel film studios!!

    Fans of Jimmy Century Avatar
    Fans of Jimmy Century
    - Trustpilot

    Very helpful Very helpful, Did a screen take over and got it all working!

  • John Kilburn Avatar
    John Kilburn
    - Trustpilot

    Great Plugins - Great service I was on a video production deadline and just bought a new computer. I was having a plugin installation issue with the really nice and versatile Pro-credits plugin and contacted Pixel Films chat help. They solved the problem in a matter of just minutes using screenshots and live chat.Great service!

    Tito L. Avatar
    Tito L.
    - Sitejabber

    BEING BARRED! I kept getting this black bar on my video clip when using ProMessage2 from PixelFilmStudios... I had bought this product quite a while ago and noticed the issue but never really paid attention to it until now. I got on with tech support and they had me up and running... read more

    Seth Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    I’ve had great success with the plugins… I’ve had great success with the plugins I’ve bought from them and I appreciate the deals they run pretty often.

  • Farhad Vilkiji Avatar
    Farhad Vilkiji
    - Trustpilot

    The Plugin and the new update of my Final cut pro I needed help to mach my plugin with the new update of my Final cut pro x.I used live support Agent.He/she checked all the things, step by step with me (And it took at least 1 hour)He/she check everything very kindly with me, till the end.So, great respectful attitude.I appreciate... read more

    Selim Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Their training is very easy Their training is very easy. Although I don't speak English, I can understand it with subtitles.

    Panji Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    I love the plugins I bought! I love the plugins I bought. I had issues with the installation due to my version of FCPX but customer service was speedy and on point helping me out!

  • Viry Moreno Avatar
    Viry Moreno
    - Trustpilot

    My plugins do not work with the new… I had a problem with my plugins and they have solved me ... They have been very exquisite with the treatment!

    Brandon R. Avatar
    Brandon R.
    - Sitejabber

    Help in time of need! After Final Cut Pro updated in the middle of a project... Pixel Support was right there to get me up and going again. Customer support was fast and easy!

    David Sorensen Avatar
    David Sorensen
    - Google

    It's hard to say what a blessing this company is. Their plugins are so useful and add a lot of quality to my productions. Also their support is awesome. I highly recommend them.

  • Mel Snelgrove Avatar
    Mel Snelgrove
    - Google


    Arild Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Great products Great products, great service.

    Samir Abya Avatar
    Samir Abya
    - Trustpilot

    got nothing but love for you guys! couldn't imagine using any other companies products but yours! your products make editing so much more easier and i honestly wouldn't be in this situation where i am now without you guys, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Mayank Zode Avatar
    Mayank Zode
    - Trustpilot

    #PixelFilmStudio… Hi mayank here experience with this site is amazing

    Kylene R. Avatar
    Kylene R.
    - Sitejabber

    SUPERB PRODUCTS AND SERVICES! They really are giving their best to provide excellent and world class products to their customers. Also, the engagement that they are giving to everyone who support them is very heartwarming. More power to this company!

    Ky Lene (Kylene Retuya) Avatar
    Ky Lene (Kylene Retuya)
    - Trustpilot

    SUPERB COMPANY! 💪 Customer service 💯Products features and benefits 💯Engagement to the public 💯Social Responsibility 💯Overall value 💯THIS COMPANY IS EXCELLENT! 💛

  • Ky Lene Avatar
    Ky Lene
    positive review 
    - Facebook


    colt_ tricks Avatar
    colt_ tricks
    - Trustpilot

    Awesome Plug-Ins and great support love… Awesome Plug-Ins and great support love the live chat option if you need help!

    Nabore Serrano Avatar
    Nabore Serrano
    - Trustpilot

    Pixel Film Studios for the win! Our team has been editing video for a while with FCPX. When we discovered Pixel Film Studios the production value in our films increased instantly. Being able to offer our clients quality animations and unique effects really makes a difference. We really enjoy how most of the plugins have a... read more

  • Jerome Shiju Avatar
    Jerome Shiju
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Good love it I am so glad to have an youtuber love you bro I am your subscriber I am watching all your vidios

    carlos mateo Avatar
    carlos mateo
    - Google

    Great customer service !!

    Johnny Guerra Avatar
    Johnny Guerra
    - Google

    I bought ProSpotlight yesterday and I've been trying to get it to work, but I kept going to the effects folder and wouldn't see the plugin. Today I went on live chat and Pixel Support helped me, not only to answer my questions, but to get me through the steps... read more

  • Granny's Crochet Avatar
    Granny's Crochet
    - Google

    I Really Appreciate Pixel Film Studios Work and Tools...😊💖😊

    Timothy Hardial Avatar
    Timothy Hardial
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Pixel Film Studios is an amazing company that makes FCPX products for EVERY SITUATION IMAGINABLE. Not only that, but they make amazing tutorials about FCPX for those who are just getting into videography, like me. And to top it all off, they help the community by doing these INSANE giveaways... read more

    Brandon Wilton Avatar
    Brandon Wilton
    - Trustpilot

    Absolutely amazing customer service Absolutely amazing customer service, very responsive and kind. I was very impressed!

  • 謝和樺 Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    “PixelFilmStudios is BEST” I am your fanatic user!Has wonderful support, Practical and convenient design software,Let me be handy in film creation: DDD

    Stephen M. Avatar
    Stephen M.
    - Sitejabber

    Support was helpful! Ive been using pixel film studios for years now. I run into some issues and support helps me out. Even screen shares to get me cleared away. I am thankful for that or we would in trouble!

    Gacsal L. Avatar
    Gacsal L.
    - Sitejabber

    Pixelfilm studios is amazing! This company is awesome! They help us, and do everything for us, to have a good experience. I can only recommend them. They have the best fcpx plugins of all time.
    When I bought a plugin from them, it was no problem to download, and it was super easy to get...
    read more

  • Hsieh H. Avatar
    Hsieh H.
    - Sitejabber

    PixelFilmStudios is BEST I am your fanatic user!
    Has wonderful support, Practical and convenient design software,
    Let me be handy in film creation: DDD

    Jerry Espinal Avatar
    Jerry Espinal
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I first learned about Pixel Film Studios while watching a Daniel Schiffer video. Daniel Schiffer was reviewing the FCPX Brush Glow plugin. I was impressed by the product immediately and went and clicked on his link in the description. Upon arriving at the Pixel Film Studios website, I was in... read more

    Nabore Serrano Avatar
    Nabore Serrano
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I have been really into video production for the past three years. Pixel Film Studios is a company that thrives to create some of the best tools for Final Cut Pro in the market. I love how their products work right inside FCPX. Intuitive and easy to navigate menus come... read more

  • WenPin Lu Avatar
    WenPin Lu
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    A lot of good stuffs. I will recommend any FCPX users to give it a try.

    Grannys C. Avatar
    Grannys C.
    - Sitejabber

    Best Plug-ins Ever I love Their Plugins and Tutorials... I Recommend Their Tools And Editor for Sure... Their Final Cut Pro Is Of Next Level for Content Creators..

    Anthony Reyes, Jr Avatar
    Anthony Reyes, Jr
    - Trustpilot

    FANTASTIC online chat customer service! FANTASTIC online chat customer service. Really, Pixel Film Studios is hard to beat when it comes to how fast and reliable answers you get to your plug-in questions. Thank you SO SO much!

  • Bram Arts Avatar
    Bram Arts
    - Trustpilot

    Great help via chat! From NL i encountered An issue with a plugin. It was being rebuild so no help on that one.But the team offered me without hesitation a plugin (same value ofcourse) Of choice.Great quick help via chat operator!

    Stephen Miller Avatar
    Stephen Miller
    - Trustpilot

    I am new to the FCPX plugins, Pixel Film Studi Support Quickly Helped Solve My Problem. I am new to the FCPX plugins, when I first tried using the Pixel Film Studio Plugins I was having problems trying to figure out how to use them. I contacted the online support chat, and they were able to walk me through how to fix the install. Within minutes... read more

    Sylvio Pinheiro Avatar
    Sylvio Pinheiro
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    These guys are great. I'm using their products for a long time now but I never had to use their customer support. Well, I have to do it today and it was excellent: fast, easy and my problem was solved in only a few minutes. I was connected through chat... read more

  • Steve - Team819s Avatar
    Steve - Team819s
    - Trustpilot

    Best plugins for Final Cut Pro! Best plugins for Final Cut Pro!I have several of their products and they are easy to use and customize. I really like the quality and the price.I recently purchased a plugin that was not acting properly. I went to the site for support and could not find an... read more

    Nick Dom Avatar
    Nick Dom
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Really enjoying the professionalism PixelFilmStudios FCPX plugins bring to my videos, amazing animations, with intuitive and simple to use editing UI.

    I had an issue where one wasn't working properly, jumped on a live chat with a PFS rep. The rep connected to me in under a minute, actually... read more

    I had an issue where one wasn't working properly, jumped on a live chat with a PFS rep. The rep connected to me in under a minute, actually read my issue and the things i tried to do to fix it, and had me up and running in under 3 minutes. They even had terminal commands ready to send for quick copy and paste resolution of the issue. A quick terminal command and reinstall had the plug in working within minutes. Thats the way tech support should be, attentive, prepared, and actually addressing the customer issue rather than just reading down a script.

    Will be coming back for all my plug-in needs, can't go wrong with these guys. Oh, and the price to quality ratio is outstanding when compared to some of the others out there.

    Sammy Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    recommend!! Whomever helped me had outstanding patience because I was frustrated and they helped me figure out exactly what needed to be done. I'm extremely impressed by their customer service.

  • suz Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Can you use pro patch3 with Mac 10.13.6… Can you use pro patch3 with Mac 10.13.6 ?. If not can what do you suggest?

    Taryn Hale Avatar
    Taryn Hale
    - Google

    I have purchased a handful of their plugins but most recently purchased the auto tracker. I was missing a very simple click to get it to work correctly, and I reached out to their support chat and received the fix right away. Overall, I have gotten a lot of use... read more

    Carl D. Avatar
    Carl D.
    - Sitejabber

    PixelFilmStudios Support is the BEST PixelFilmStudios has wonderful support. I had an unusual issue regarding access to some products I had purchased. They did a great job following through on all the things they needed to do on their end to make it work for me and kept me informed all the time while they... read more

  • Michael L. Avatar
    Michael L.
    - Trustpilot

    An ICON in the industry First off let me say that PFS is an icon in the film editing and plug-in for FCPX space. I have dozens of plug-ins that I use and their offerings are hands down the best value for money in the game. They are constantly innovating and pushing the limits of... read more

    Acroi Ali Avatar
    Acroi Ali
    - Trustpilot

    I was having issues with my Transitions… I was having issues with my Transitions pack and their support is amazing, they answered immediately and had me set for an appointment for screen-share and got my pack working. Very quick support/service and successful results. Very pleased customer, will make future purchases.

    Anthony Reyes, Jr Avatar
    Anthony Reyes, Jr
    - Google

    Using Pixel Film Studios LiveChat has been such a great experience (twice!) I recommend their customer service, as they've been awesome and fast! Thank you so much.

  • Awesome K. Avatar
    Awesome K.
    - Sitejabber

    Absolutely Amazing! Pixel Film Studios is definitely an amazing company! They are dedicated to providing wonderful and captivating plugins that never fail to impress and get the job done! Apart from the fact that they create breathtakingly awesome plugins that make video editing extremely easy, they even go ahead to create electrifying,... read more

    Alexander David Avatar
    Alexander David
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I've purchased a number of products from this group. All have been great to use and add a great professional look. I don't do video editing full time but it is a key component to my job so I need stuff that is easy to use and looks professional. PFS... read more

    Logic Films Avatar
    Logic Films
    - Trustpilot

    Quick support and customer service! I had my email addresses mixed up, was unable to log in to my account I made a few years back. Had everything solved within ten minutes, and was able to get back into my account without any problems.Quick, and fast responses. Understandable as well. Hats off!

  • 10:31 Productions, LLC Avatar
    10:31 Productions, LLC
    - Trustpilot

    Building Rapport Normally, whenever I write a comment on a creator's post, it takes a few days for the creator to respond (if at all). But never with Pixel Film Studios... Their social media marketing staff is UNMATCHED when it comes to building rapport with their audience. I believe the longest I... read more

    iBob Olsen Avatar
    iBob Olsen
    - Google

    I have only contacted customer support a few times. And mostly due to my own stupidity. But the customer support always seems to find a way to help me. Even fixing product activation issues with ease. I highly recommend purchasing from Pixel Films Studios. And now, I'm not sponsored. Unfortunately.

    Kyle Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    I was on the struggle bus, then the chat people helped! I was on the struggle bus with getting a plug-in working, the chat was quick and very helpful, I was up and running within 10 min.

  • Tim H. Avatar
    Tim H.
    - Sitejabber

    Easy Upgrade to Tracker Bundle I bought some plugins of Pixelfilmstudios and i had the case, that they just made a bundle with several Plugins - 2 of them i already bought. They easily managed it to get the bundle for a fair price.

    Macrono E. Avatar
    Macrono E.
    - Sitejabber

    Best edit software I've used so far I myself have been using fcpx for almost a month and I have been completely sold there, I still used filmora9 for that, but it did have some moments. If you use fcpx you sometimes have the feeling that you have paid for this it is so good. You can... read more

    Dave Wingler Avatar
    Dave Wingler
    - Trustpilot

    Solid Service and Excellent Products. I’ve been a solid customer of Pixelfilmstudios for a bit more than 7 years I guess. Whenever I’m seeking a particular title, transition or effect, they are the one stop shop. I actually enjoy getting email updates about new and updated plugins. Over the years, I’ve had... read more

  • Dave W. Avatar
    Dave W.
    - Sitejabber

    Consistently Positive Experience This company has a very large selection of top quality plugins for FCPX. They work to update these plugins and release the updates at no cost to the purchaser. I use their plugins regularly in my projects. On the odd occasion, I've had to contact them and they have offered... read more

    Andrii S. Avatar
    Andrii S.
    - Sitejabber

    PixelFilmStudios the best plugin maker for FCPX I actively use several dozen plugins from PixelFilmStudios in my work. They help me make my work faster and more convenient. The result is impressive. I have tried different plugins from different manufacturers, but such thoughtful solutions are extremely rare. If difficulties arise, support helps to resolve issues in a... read more

    Logan Thomas Avatar
    Logan Thomas
    - Trustpilot

    I LOVE PFS!!!!! I can’t thank Pixel Film Studios enough!!! I am in the process of switching over from Premiere pro to Final Cut and their tutorials have been a life saver!! I’m a total newbie in final cut and I have learned so much watching their videos and will be purchasing multiple... read more

  • Macrono Ebitsza Avatar
    Macrono Ebitsza
    - Trustpilot

    Best edit software I've ever used now hello my name is Marco denekamp and I have been using fcpx for 3 weeks now. you will notice when you use fcpx that you can do a lot more than with other editing software, it seems that you are using a premium version. the speed is also fine and... read more

    Benhur K. Avatar
    Benhur K.
    - Sitejabber

    PixelFilmStudios is awesome PixelFilmStudios guys help me get my glow effects working in no time. Thank you for the awesome work you guys are doing. God bless

    Yukimasa BD Izumi Avatar
    Yukimasa BD Izumi
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Found Pixel Film Studios through Daniel Schiffer. Purchased a plug-in and my mac had trouble installing it properly. Customer Service via chat helped me so I can get it installed the right way and now it works. I'm not much of a information systems guy, but Customer... read more

  • Surefunmi Omobowale Avatar
    Surefunmi Omobowale
    - Trustpilot

    The home of Pro Video Editing tools! Pixel Film Studios are the FIRST in the industry when it comes to the production of video editing tools and plugins. They create the best plugins for Apple's Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X. It's absolutely amazing that they have a Variety of wonderful plugins that are very... read more

    McDoogMedia Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    My go to for professional Final Cut plug-ins I’ve been using their professional plug-ins for years. I would venture to say - they have a Final Cut plug-in for virtually every editing need, and some you didn’t even know you needed until you saw what they could do you you to help explore your editing creativity!! ... read more

    Cordell Pacheco Avatar
    Cordell Pacheco
    - Trustpilot

    Where’s the 20 star button? I’ve been using pixel film studios tools for about a year now with the glow brushes, tracker suites and transitions and I’ve got to say they couldn’t have made my editing life any easier! Plus they add some nice freshness to my editing style so that I’m not doing the... read more

  • damsteegt Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Great Stuff For Experienced FCPX Users Too I've been editing in Final Cut Pro X for over 6 years, but I only came across PFS like 2 years ago maybe? I wish more people knew about them. If I run into FCPX editors now I'm telling them about the plugins just 'cause they make life so much... read more

    Colin Edwards Avatar
    Colin Edwards
    - Trustpilot

    Been using the auto tracker for a while… Been using the auto tracker for a while and recently bought face Tracker to jazz up my YouTube videos.I love using them as it saves me a lot of time. I'm not really into the flashy type of editing and would rather learn the art of film making so these... read more

    Yves Arispe Avatar
    Yves Arispe
    - Trustpilot

    TOP 8 Reasons why choose Pixel Film Studios TOP 8 Reasons why choose Pixel Film Studios, lets go! : 1. It has helped me transitioning from Adobe to Final Cut ProX. 2. Their plugins and products have cut my editing time by a LOT. 3. Their YouTube videos are fun, short and very informative 4. It was elevated... read more

  • Myckella Dillard Avatar
    Myckella Dillard
    - Trustpilot

    Amazing Plug Ins!!! Their plug ins are so amazing and cover such a broad spectrum! Not to mention they’re SO easy to use, seriously! I would recommend them times a million!

    Alex Kester Avatar
    Alex Kester
    - Trustpilot

    Pixel Film Studios had really helped me… Pixel Film Studios had really helped me turn my edits from beginner to advanced. Pretty good prices especially for a beginners like me. They also have many many options and every pack has lots of options to pick from when editing. Overall Pixel Film Studios has really helped out... read more

    Sidanth Krishan Avatar
    Sidanth Krishan
    - Trustpilot

    I have had about 3 buddies tell me… I have had about 3 buddies tell me about Pixel Film Studios plug-ins and their tutorials on YouTube. I’m currently in the progress of trying to put together money for a certain pack of plugins. They are amazing and have quite the surplus of variety in their inventory. Not to... read more

  • Ninh Nguyen Avatar
    Ninh Nguyen
    - Trustpilot

    Improve workflow and save time I have been using their plugins and effects for about 2 years now. They just make editing more fun and seamless. Their auto tracker and masking and stabilization plugins are great time savers.

    kevin Storm Avatar
    kevin Storm
    - Trustpilot

    Super fast and awesome! Super fast while I was on a deadline, and fixed the problem by helping me first hand and giving me detailed step by step instructions! Saved me tons of work!

    JavieryCarolina Morín Rodríguez Avatar
    JavieryCarolina Morín Rodríguez
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Pixel Film Studios are the best! The products are really good and very easy to use they make up 100% of my FCPX plugins! Customer Service is also excellent and sort me out every time. Highly recommend

  • Gordon Rochford Avatar
    Gordon Rochford
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Pixel Film Studios are great! The products are really good and make up the majority of my FCPX plugins! Customer Service is also excellent and sort me out every time 🙂 Highly recommend

    J-Dave Clement Avatar
    J-Dave Clement
    - Trustpilot

    Pixel Film Studios is always the answer You are an editor, you're using Final Cut Pro X. You better have Pixel Film Studios in your life.You don't have to be a genius to use their plugins. It's easier than 1 2 3. Trust me!Since the day I bought my first FCPX plugin EVER (in 2019 and it... read more

    Gordon Rochford Avatar
    Gordon Rochford
    - Trustpilot

    Pixel Film Studios are great Pixel Film Studios are great! The products are really good and make up the majority of my FCPX plugins! Heavily in rotation for me and my workflow and very versatile and easy to use with great tutorials! Customer Service is also excellent and sort me out quickly and successfully every... read more

  • Jeremiah Flemmings Avatar
    Jeremiah Flemmings
    - Trustpilot

    Great company and even better plugins! I use many of the PFS Plugins for FCPX and they all work Amazing! I had an issue with one plugin and a live chat agent helped me reolve my issue in less than 5 minutes! I really like this company and the products they offer.

    Bryan Partridge Avatar
    Bryan Partridge
    - Trustpilot

    I'll be a customer for life! These incredible tools really have elevated my editing. I constantly get compliments on sections that really have been enhanced by Pixel Film Studios. I'll be a customer for life.

    ALLIE NYC Avatar
    - Google

    I had a positive and helpful interaction with customer support. I had purchases a plugin, this was the fourth plugin I have purchased with PFS but it was more complex then previous plugins. The plugins do not come with instructions so I watched the sample video on how to use... read more

  • Those Conspiracy Guys Avatar
    Those Conspiracy Guys
    - Google

    Pixel Film Studios are great! The products are really good and make up the majority of my FCPX plugins! Heavily in rotation for me and my workflow and very versatile and easy to use with great tutorials! Customer Service is also excellent and sort me out quickly and successfully every... read more

    Ayse Gülsüm Özel Avatar
    Ayse Gülsüm Özel
    - Google

    nice and fast

    Bryan P. Avatar
    Bryan P.
    - Sitejabber

    Definitely Check Them Out! The quality of the plugins they offer is off the charts. If you want to truly enhance your editing, you need to go check them out NOW. Seriously, stop reading this comment and go to their website and buy some plugins. You won't regret it!

    I constantly get... read more

    I constantly get comments on how professional certain parts of my videos look, and many times, it is due to the tools that Pixel Film Studios offers. I'm a lifelong customer.

  • Levente Gacsal cla Avatar
    Levente Gacsal cla
    - Trustpilot

    Pixelfilm studios is an amazing plugin company Pixelfilm studios is an amzing company, with amazing products. So if you like final cut pro plugins, check out their site !

    christian c. Avatar
    christian c.
    - Sitejabber

    Great Customer Service! I needed help downloading a plug-in, pixel film studios customer service was quick to help and very very helpful!

    10:31 Productions, LLC Avatar
    10:31 Productions, LLC
    - Trustpilot

    I cannot find the words... I cannot find the words to describe how incredibly awesome this company is. They are great at plugins and great at customer service. Any hiccups in my production flow and they are 100% of the time able and willing to help. You will not find a better company, they are... read more

  • 10:31 Productions, LLC Avatar
    10:31 Productions, LLC
    - Google

    Where do I start? Pixel Film Studios is the ULTIMATE SOURCE FOR FINAL CUT PRO PLUGINS... And not to mention their customer service, it is truly beyond any other company. Please do not think that I am just writing a review, consider this a vow of appreciation for their amazing... read more

    Jerry E. Avatar
    Jerry E.
    - Sitejabber

    THESE PEOPLE ARE #1 Hands down, the ULTIMATE SOURCE FOR FINAL CUT PRO plugins!!! I will never look to another company for my FCPX plugins. I have no reason to search elsewhere... I am 100% satisfied with all aspects of this company, from plugin quality to customer service. They are truly the best!!!

    Vibhu Gautam Avatar
    Vibhu Gautam
    - Trustpilot

    Excellent Okay, so I've been a fcpx user for quite a while now. And I've lost many hours in my projects,tweaking small small things. This is where pixel film studio plugins shine. They are fast,reliable and gets your work done.

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